"It's Not A Ting" - Wheeze the Juice, 25:17

Freudian nip-slip

If the gods wanted me to enjoy the solemnities of 420 then they would have granted me the time to, not fill my plate with woe and angst. As the sea of hype rises, I am cast ashore upon the isles of solidarity and I realise, there is no 420 for I, erryday is a day that I may light the signalfires of bluntitude and erryday is another day I boss dawgydawg it without selfies and signs and shit to attempt to justify myself being funny. No. I am as fantastic and dank as 420, erryday.
Not Jesus






Find this man.

spit in his food.

go to his job

end this now.

Do more than spit in his food. Poison his food and end him.

This literally infuriates me. I can’t even

steriod patter is the worst ever

I was unaware this level of brain function existed, I am transfixed on the notion that this post is genuine and a construct of reality. Somewhere this man is real and this is happening.

It’s so oblique, which is avant-garde

"Mom comes home whilst you are unaware and fapping suspense music.." being played, all whilst a donkey show is going on so they got something to watch while they think about how Bo’s evil twin Ob, raped Callum in act IV, when Bo was under interrogation from the oatmeal men… on the set of 'Wheeze the Juice THE MOVIE'.

Tonight is my therapeutic-brainfart yoga session

Cum and join me by the humus and we can discuss/disgust MEAT.

Of which they are made out of.


American Psycho + morning routine 

At the yard we had a phrase. "Bitches or Bale?"

American Psycho + morning routine 

At the yard we had a phrase.

"Bitches or Bale?"


Fag Diarrhea Cult are almost as bossy as us.